BOOKS-ON-TOUR – Gone Before by Sam Hepburn

When 5-year-old Maya Duncan disappeared 15 years ago, she was never found. She became the most famous British missing child case in history, leaving mystery and speculation in her wake, and many pointed fingers at her mother, Kay Duncan. Phoebe grew up in Botswana, raised by her single mother Roz, who she knows is not... Continue Reading →

BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – My Virtual Life by Sharon Dempsey

Yes, I do sometimes take a break from dark, twisted psychological type books, and when I do, it's delightfully refreshing to discover a book like Sharon Dempsey's My Virtual Life! I can quite easily picture my own teenage daughter watching a film version of this while comparing with her BFF's who has the most embarrassing... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – Always Anastacia by Anastacia Tomson

If you’re looking for a book that will take you through a medical description and analysis of the transgender process, then I suggest you look elsewhere. This is not the book you’re looking for. Always Anastacia is one woman’s highly personal, heartfelt, sensitive and more often than not, painful journey about what it is like... Continue Reading →

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