BOOKS-ON-TOUR – Daughters of Wild Rose Bay (Sandy Cove #4) by Susanne O’Leary

I do love an Irish book, and if there's one thing that Susanne O'Leary does beautifully, it's to make you feel like you're right there, walking through this friendly seaside village! This is part of the Sandy Cove series, but can easily be read as a standalone as the story itself is new, with characters... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Nanny at Number 43 by Nicola Cassidy

This nanny is no Mary Poppins - she's pure evil behind a facade of calm control! Based in the late 1800's this is a slow-burner of a crime thriller with a dark edge and a feeling of unease throughout. It opens with the gruesome discovery of a suitcase containing the bodies of twin babies, buried... Continue Reading →

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