BLOG TOUR – The Favour by Laura Vaughan

When Ada Howell is 13 years old, her father dies and her mother wastes no time selling the crumbling family home in Wales and moves them into far less salubrious lodgings in Brockley with little care as to how Ada feels about it. Upon leaving school it's assumed that Ada will move on to study... Continue Reading →

BOOKS-ON-TOUR – The Italian Villa by Daniela Sacardoti

Callie DiGiacomo is proud of the life she's built for herself. It may not seem like much to others, but to her, it's everything. She's got her own tiny apartment, and a job that she loves as a waitress at The Windmill Cafe. Growing up in the care system from the time she was just... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – The Liberation by Kate Furnivall

Kate Furnivall is known for her sweeping, epic novels and The Liberation will not disappoint those who’ve loved her previous books. Set in a post WWII Italy that is struggling to find itself and regain some of its former glory, Furnivall artfully depicts what it must have been like to live in a post-war era.... Continue Reading →

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