BOOKS-ON-TOUR – Did My Love Life Shrink In the Wash by Kristen Bailey

Finally ... here's my rather belated post ... delayed with compliments of that delightful South African concept known as 'load-shedding', where our power goes off in scheduled blocks of 4.5 hours at a time (in Joburg - for some reason, other cities only get 2 hours at a time), which leads to various other technical... Continue Reading →

BOOKS-ON-TOUR – Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life? by Kristen Bailey

How can you not fall just a little bit in love with a man who fondly nicknames his daughters 'Buttons' and 'Dimples'? That's how I feel about Danny Morton! He is adorable! He also happens to love his wife Meg - in that manly way that Northerners have. They don't exactly tell you, but they... Continue Reading →

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