BLOG TOUR – In the Absence of Miracles by Michael J. Malone

John Docherty is a school-teacher. He's just been made head of his department, and he's struggling to commit to his long-time (extremely patient) girlfriend Angela. But his mother's recently suffered a massive stroke and is currently in a care facility and she's going to have to remain there as she's unable to continue living on... Continue Reading →

BOOKS ON TOUR – The Marriage Trap by Sheryl Browne

This one of those books that just slams into you out of left field!! It starts off with Karla watching her husband Jason hastily throwing his things into suitcase, preparing to leave her. And as you read, you think, "Another husband, another affair, another marriage broken up." Well ... keep reading! Nothing is what it... Continue Reading →

BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – The Feud by Amanda James

Another book set in a village (we all know how much I love those)! This time, the village of St. Agnes in Cornwall and there's a 200-year-old feud thrown into the mix, together with the expected undercurrent of menace and unease. I loved that gothic touch that was added in here, and I absolutely adored... Continue Reading →

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