BLOG TOUR – What Eden Did Next by Sheila O’Flanagan

This is the 30th title from Sheila O'Flanagan, well-known, bestselling author of heartwarming stories that have, to date, sold over 9 million copies worldwide. This story revolves around Eden, a young woman who tragically lost her husband Andy, a firefighter, 5 years previously. Newly pregnant at the time, she hadn't even had the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Her Husband’s Mistake by Sheila O’Flanagan

I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be here on Day One of the blog tour for Sheila O'Flanagan's latest book, Her Husband's Mistake! When I spotted this tour invitation in my Inbox, I pounced on it immediately! Sheila has been one of my favourite authors for the longest time, and as the endorsement on... Continue Reading →

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