BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Confessions of a Bad Mother – The Teenage Years by Stephanie Calman

Ignore all the suggestions about reading this when your child is a toddler, or a pre-teen! Read it before you even plan on having a baby - perhaps before you even consider getting married! For those of you who have already dipped your toes into the choppy waters of teenage-hood, I hand you a virtual... Continue Reading →


School is a scary place! The hierarchies, the who’s who, the procedures, the uniformity, the enduring methodology of it all! And I’m not sure if it’s worse among the parents, the teachers or the actual children themselves! Single mom Delilah’s about to find out that it can be a very tough place indeed. Her lovely... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse

You think you know your children better than anyone else, don’t you? You’d say you were close, wouldn’t you? That they’re willing to share everything with you, and come to you when they have a problem? That’s what Freya and Lockie think about their teenage daughters Charlotte and Lexi. And then one day Freya gets... Continue Reading →

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