PUBLICATION DAY PARTY – Trap Door by Dreda Say Mitchell

Happy publication day to Dreda Say Mitchell for this excellent psychological thriller! I couldn't put this one down! It's a really gripping page-turner; sometimes spooky; a bit chilling; unputdownable! At the age of 18, Rachel suffered a series of shocking tragedies: her mother died; she was attacked by someone she should have been able to... Continue Reading →

BOOKS-ON-TOUR – The Perfect Sister by Sheryl Brown

I'm very late to the party with this one due to being struck down with flu last week and being literally flattened by it for almost 5 days. But ... I'm back ... and now catching up on those days that disappeared into the ether. Thank you to my lovely Bookouture people for understanding, and... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – The Mothers by Sarah J. Naughton

Every one of us should have someone we can call to help bury a body (figuratively, you understand). Bella, Chrissy, Sky, Electra and Jen are a rather unlikely group of friends, but they have each other. They've stayed together despite not having very much in common: entirely different personalities, living and financial conditions and parenting... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – Lake Child by Isabel Ashdown

I couldn't put this down and finished reading it in just a day! It's a taut, tense and edgy thriller that will keep you guessing and turning pages at high speed! Eva wakes from being in a coma for many months. Her parents tell her she was involved in a serious car accident, but immediately,... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – A Shadow on the Lens by Sam Hurcom

The year is 1904 and Thomas Bexley works for Scotland Yard as a specialist investigator in forensics. He is dispatched to the small village of Dinas Powys in South Wales, where a young girl, Betsan Tilney, has apparently been murdered in a most bizarre way. He arrives and is almost immediately struck down by a... Continue Reading →

BOOKS ON TOUR – Perfect Stranger by Jake Cross

What would you do if someone turned up on your doorstep and announced that she thinks she's your daughter? That's what happens to Chris and Rose. They've had a solid marriage for 20 years (they've been planning a celebration party with family and friends for their anniversary), and they live a fairly uneventful, secure life... Continue Reading →

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