BOOK REVIEW – The Mistress’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen

Sally and Clive have been having an affair for 5 years. Unbeknown to their spouses, the seemingly spineless Daniel, and steadfast, reliable Susan, they have been contriving their various liaisons outside the safe haven of the friendship that the couples share. But suddenly and unexpectedly, Clive is ending their relationship and Sally is devastated! Her... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – Three Sisters by Helen Smith

I received a complimentary copy of this book (on request) in exchange for my honest review. This is the first in a new series, introducing amateur sleuth Emily Castles. I would describe it as a novella, more than a full length novel, at just 104 pages. It’s Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes, whichever you prefer)... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman

What a beautiful, sensitive, heartbreaking book! Claire is a bright, intelligent writer in her early 40’s. She lives with the love of her life, Greg (who is much younger than her), Esther, their 3-year-old daughter, and 20-year-old Caitlin, Claire’s daughter who is home for the holidays. But wait, why is Ruth, Claire’s mother also here?... Continue Reading →


How does one explain that they found a book enjoyable and easy to read, while at the same time finding it uncomfortable and difficult to take in, with characters that were realistic and not all that likeable? That's the best way I can describe my reaction to this book! Bev and Amy have been best... Continue Reading →

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