BLOG TOUR REVIEW – You Belong To Me by Mark Tilbury

When Cassie Rafferty goes missing from the town of Feelham, it brings back bad memories of when Ellie Hutton disappeared ten years ago. For Danny Sheppard, the recollections that begin to resurface from all those years ago are bad enough for him to hire a private detective to find his three long-lost schoolmates who left... Continue Reading →

BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – The Disappeared by Sibel Hodge

School teacher Nicole Palmer is still trying to get over her husband Mason's tragic death 10 months after he was killed in a plane crash in the African country of Narumbe when she receives what can only be something from someone playing a hideous joke: a photo of Mason ... very much alive. It's impossible... Continue Reading →

BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – The Uninvited by J.A. Baker

I'm really enjoying the number of books coming out lately with a supernatural theme running through them. It adds even more of an edge to the psychological thrillers that I love! The Uninvited falls right into this category. There's a chilling sense of unease running all the way through this from the very first page.... Continue Reading →

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