Review: Forget Me Not by Fern Michaels

I'm not sure what words to use to describe this book that is so utterly, despairingly bad that I am still struggling to understand why I even bothered to finish it! The storyline is so far beyond far-fetched that it's just ridiculous. The conversations are highly improbably - real people (and yes, I do realise... Continue Reading →

Pre-Release review: Daisies by Joshua Senter (releases 22.07.14)

A simple, easy to read story about a time when things were ... well ... simpler! People got married and stayed married through thick and thin, like Gwen and Willie who are described in the opening paragraph of the book as being 'common folk', growing up in the farmlands of Oaklahoma. We follow them through... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent

Completely intriguing! By the time I was three quarters of the way in, I just couldn't read it fast enough, wanting to know who, what, when and how! This is an extremely cleverly constructed book, told from the perspectives of the suave, mysterious Oliver and all those who have come into contact with him and... Continue Reading →

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