BOOKS-ON-TOUR – The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright by Beth Miller

Happy publication day to Beth Miller! It's really an honour to be touring with you today, on publication day for the wonderful book that is The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright. This book is an absolute delight! From the bright, eye-catching cover (I've told you before, I do judge books by their covers), to every... Continue Reading →

BOOKS-ON-TOUR – The Argument by Victoria Jenkins

When you read the blurb of this book, you'll be inclined to think that it's your typical story about family angst gone wrong. Well, it certainly starts out like that. Hannah seems to be a rather over-protective mother when it comes to her teenage daughter Olivia. She feels that she's lost all control over her... Continue Reading →

BOOKS-ON-TOUR – The Lies We Hide by S.E. Lynes

Susie Lynes, what a beautiful book you've written! I know, I know ... it seems like the strangest thing to say, considering the subject matter, but you've created such a moving story with incredibly real characters who really reach out and grab hold of the hearts of your readers. Everything changes for Carol and her... Continue Reading →

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