BOOKS-ON-TOUR – Trust Me by Sheryl Browne

I sometimes think it might be nice to live in a small little village, where everyone knows each other, and there’s no hustle and bustle; where there’s a sense of comfort and kinship; where everyone looks out for their neighbour. But then again, at the same time as looking out for you, they might also be nosing around in your business all the time. In small towns and villages, everyone knows each other so well, that they sometimes know your own business … often before you know it yourself!

And that’s the case with Emily and Jake. They look like one of those perfect couples with the perfect family. He’s joined his father (albeit a bit reluctantly; he and his dad aren’t the closest) in the small town medical practice, and Emily’s the practice manager. They’ve got two children: a boy and a girl who are basically good kids, except for the normal teenage banter and rebellion. Nothing too drastic. And in their central roles in the village, Emily and Jake are well-placed to know more than most about the goings on in the lives of the locals. Except that Emily’s starting to feel that she’s got no clue what’s going on in her own marriage!

She’s started to become suspicious of Jake’s behaviour: his increased number of late night house-calls; the phone calls he takes that he deliberately leaves the room for, so that she can’t hear who he’s talking to; and then she finds an email that someone’s sent to him that confirms what she believes … he must be having an affair! But then other residents in the village start receiving strange letters are people close to them, and quickly, loved ones are pitted against one another. Who could know such intimate details of their lives? And are they truth, or just lies, created to cause chaos and ruin relationships?

Emily knows a lot about keeping secrets. She’s been doing it for years, but before she realises it, fingers are being pointed in her direction. After all, she runs a medical practice. Surely she’s one of the only people who would be privy to such information? Emily’s life becomes a sea of confusion and she has no idea where to turn or who to trust. I have to admit that just reading about her mounting anxiety had me gasping for air at times, just imagining how she must have felt!

Trust Me is a cleverly crafted web of deceit and convoluted confusion. The author is a mastermind at skilfully weaving her way in and out of different possibilities and scenarios that can make a reader’s head spin! You just aren’t quite sure which direction you’re heading in with each new chapter as you carefully inch your way further into the labyrinth, wondering where you’re going to emerge! It’s a thrilling 4-star read!

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Author Bio:
Sheryl Browne writes psychological thriller and edgy contemporary fiction. A member of the Crime Writers’ Association, Romantic Novelists’ Association and awarded a Red Ribbon by The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Sheryl has several books published and two short stories in Birmingham City University anthologies, where she completed her MA in Creative Writing.

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