BLOG TOUR – Mrs Narwhal’s Diary by S.J. Norbury

When I started this book, I was a tad confused. It seemed to instantly run away with me. I couldn't seem to fathom what on earth was going on, who all the characters were and why there seemed to be so many of them (there weren't as many as I imagined), and why I just... Continue Reading →


Three decades in the life of Jewish gangster, Alex Cohen, as he arrives in the US and forges a lifefor himself and his family using the blood, sweat and tears of those who stand in his way. I've been lucky enough to read these books as they've been released, and in my opinion, with each book... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – The Good Mother by Cathryn Grant

Amy is the Queen Bee in the perfect life she's created for herself. She's got the perfect hard-working, successful, handsome husband and two gorgeous, popular young daughters. Her circle of friends clearly see her as the centre of their little group, and the school moms all look to her for inspiration for all things required... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – What Goes Around by Rachel Ellyn

What a delicious little morsel of betrayal, revenge, greed, lust and ... voodoo! This is a concise novella, so it's a quick read. It's highly enjoyable, but there's an edgy little warning to it too: don't mess with stuff you don't really understand! Alice is recently divorced from horrible husband Bob. The thing is, she... Continue Reading →

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