BLOG TOUR REVIEW – What You Did by Claire McGowan

As with my previous review where I suggested that going on holiday with your closest friends and their families might possibly not be the best idea, similarly here, a reunion weekend with your besties from college, with all your family et al in tow - over 20 years on - is probably not going to... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Elliot Rook QC #1) by Gary Bell

The fact that Gary Bell is himself a QC contributes to this being an excellent description of the British justice system with all its intricacies laid bare. One can't help but compare this to the many courtroom and legal dramas, on both our shelves and screens and I for one find all of it truly... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Wilderness by B.E. Jones

It seems that this review, which was scheduled to be posted yesterday, got itself a bit lost in the cyber-wilderness somewhere!! After a bit of a panic, and some searching through my posts and blog storage, thank goodness I found it!! So here it is ... a little bit late, but nevertheless, finally here!! It's... Continue Reading →

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