BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Wilderness by B.E. Jones

It seems that this review, which was scheduled to be posted yesterday, got itself a bit lost in the cyber-wilderness somewhere!! After a bit of a panic, and some searching through my posts and blog storage, thank goodness I found it!! So here it is … a little bit late, but nevertheless, finally here!!

Wilderness_25 (2)It’s almost the end of the blog tour for Wilderness, and phew, what a journey!

Will and Olivia are attempting to establish themselves in their new lives in slick and sexy New York City! Will seems to fit right in. Work’s busy, and he’s loving life – just a little bit too much it seems. Olivia is struggling to find her feet in her new life. Not quite what she’s used to after a quieter pace in Wales. And when she discovers that Will has cheated on her … and lied to her … repeatedly, she has nothing to occupy her, other than to obsess about his indiscretion and the home-wrecker he’s gone behind her back with!

But she’s on her own, far from home. What’s a girl to do? She decides that rather than telling Will to leave, they should attempt to re-kindle their ruined marriage by going on an all-American road-trip. In typical male style (apologies to the non-cheating males reading this), he’s completely relieved, thinks that his affair (actually more than one) is forgotten and that they’ll just pick up and carry on where they left off, with everything being hunky-dory. In other words, he basically sweeps it all under the rug, and it’s ancient history.

Ummmm … no, that’s not quite what Olivia has in mind. She has other ideas: 3 tests for her good-for-nothing partner, and if he passes them, he gets to live. But if he doesn’t … he won’t be so lucky! The funny thing is, she doesn’t intend telling him that he’s being tested!

And so we delve into the deeply disturbed mind of an anxiety-ridden, twisted scorned wife! What lengths is she willing to go to to ensure that Will pays for his misdemeanours? This is a dark and chilling journey with a troubled, unstable soul. I felt uneasy throughout, and had a constant, irrational need to look over my shoulder! But just like that proverbial car wreck on the side of the road, I couldn’t tear myself away.

What would you do? In a similar situation … would you stay or would you walk away? Would you do whatever it took to exact your revenge? Would you spend your entire life bearing a grudge? Or would you ensure that you made the problem go away?

This is a gripping 4-star read!

Author Bio:photo of Bev

Beverley Jones was born in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, and started her ‘life of crime’ as a reporter on The Western Mail before moving into TV news with BBC Wales Today.

She covered all aspects of crime reporting before switching sides as a press officer for South Wales police, dealing with the media in criminal investigations, security operations and emergency planning.

Now a freelance writer she channels these experiences of ‘true crime,’ and the murkier side of human nature, into her dark, psychological thrillers set in and around South Wales.

Wilderness, her sixth crime novel follows the release of Halfway by Little Brown in 2018.

Bev’s previous releases, Where She Went, The Lies You Tell, Make Him Pay and Fear The Dark are also available from Little Brown as e books.

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