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What Goes AroundWhat a delicious little morsel of betrayal, revenge, greed, lust and … voodoo! This is a concise novella, so it’s a quick read. It’s highly enjoyable, but there’s an edgy little warning to it too: don’t mess with stuff you don’t really understand!

Alice is recently divorced from horrible husband Bob. The thing is, she was quite happily married to him for almost 30 years and didn’t see it coming – isn’t the wife always the last to know? Now he’s engaged to ‘the child-bride’ and she’s left with a fat divorce settlement. So she decides to take herself off on a well-deserved luxury holiday to the resort of Nanm Paradi. As she arrives, she knows she’s made the right decision. The staff know exactly what she wants, before she even knows herself. Drinks are mixed in just the right measure to make her ‘happy’. Her own personal maid lays out exactly the clothes she was thinking of wearing, and a taxi driver appears to take her wherever she needs to go without her even having to call him. It truly is like being in paradise.

Honestly, Alice is a bit of a vacuous protagonist. But it’s just so much fun to follow her as she gets up to all types of mischief. I did wonder though, if she was as drop-dead lovely as she was made out to be or if that was just the resort working it’s magic? Because if she really was so irresistible, then why had hubby played away from home in the first place?

This is fast-paced, as you’d expect a short book like this to be. The only really well-developed character is Alice herself, but she’s the only one who needs to be. Most of the others are mere window dressing. I would have enjoyed a slightly deeper look into the voodoo aspect as I felt there was room to explore it a bit further. It played quite a significant role, and I thought it deserved more prominence and more depth that it was given. It was rather too flimsy for me.

Other than that minor criticism, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and rate it at 4 stars.

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Life and loves after the career …

With degrees in Finance and Economics, Rachel found wonderful success in the business world, which took her I.T. and financial process consulting international. However, with her mind focused on business, and with the lack of training and mentoring in her personal life, marriage success eluded her.

After foraging on a path of self-awareness and exploration with a determination to avoid repeating patterns again, she found the key to relationship bliss. Now, combining her passion for writing and storytelling with her skills, knowledge, and drive that led to her business acclaim, Rachel shares her offbeat take on the world, and her findings where life, love, divorce, and children are concerned.

Rachel is determined to be a publicist’s nightmare by writing in multiple genres including children’s fiction, flash fiction, romance, and suspense/thriller.

After multiple divorces, she is now happily married and lives in the Kansas City Metropolitan area enjoying the household noise of her soon-to-be empty nest.

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