BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Boy At The Door by Alex Dahl

Following on from the theme of my previous review, where the main characters were insidiously despicable ... I present you with Cecelia Wilborg, who possesses not one redeeming quality! Oh, she looks quite perfect on the outside: beautiful to look at, always immaculate, a magnificent home, handsome, successful husband who adores her, two pretty daughters... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Eat Less by Jeremy & Georgina Jackson-Sytner (With Elizabeth Scott-Moncrieff, MSC)

And now ... as they say ... for something completely different! A brief diversion from the normal novels (although for some, possibly a horror story!), today, as I'm reviewing a book that takes a look at eating habits. It's not a diet book - in fact, it boldly describes itself as an 'anti-obesity manifesto'. For... Continue Reading →

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