BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Water and the Wine by Tamar Hodes

After reading this I did wonder if the whole idea of artist colonies and the like are really so great after all. All that ego and hedonism in one place! Is there really anywhere large enough to handle it?!

Tamar Hodes has based this partly autobiographical novel on Hydra in the 60’s. It’s a time of free love, finding and expressing yourself however and with whoever you choose.

Her reminiscences and recollections make for a a hypnotic read about a lost era in a place where creatives made their own rules up as they went along.

For some newcomers arriving into this haven it’s blissful – the escape from reality they’ve been searching for. But for others, it’s not quite the right fit, as the stability they’ve become used to shifts off its axis and can’t get back to where it was.

It seems like paradise, but is it really the answer? This little group have created their own little oasis, but it’s not exactly the paradise it appears to be. Jealousies and antagonism abound underneath all that creative energy, leading to inevitable hurt and disappointment.

When the Junta take power, life on Hydra starts to change, especially for this enclave of writers, artists and poets. And some serious questions need to be asked.

Hodes writes with artistic fluidity, creating easy imagery of a life that held so much promise, but which could never have continued indefinitely with such unadulterated abandon. Her descriptions of the actual surroundings are also just beautiful, transporting the reader into the heart of this picturesque backdrop.

I give this one 4 stars. It draws you in and almost lulls you along with its lyrical, flowing writing.

Thank you Kelly Lacy of the Love Books Group for inviting me on the tour.

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