BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Eat Less by Jeremy & Georgina Jackson-Sytner (With Elizabeth Scott-Moncrieff, MSC)

Eat_Less_Cover.inddAnd now … as they say … for something completely different!

A brief diversion from the normal novels (although for some, possibly a horror story!), today, as I’m reviewing a book that takes a look at eating habits. It’s not a diet book – in fact, it boldly describes itself as an ‘anti-obesity manifesto’. For such an audacious statement,  you’d probably expect quite a large book, but no, this is a nifty little handbook that you could carry around with you and whip out for inspiration whenever you need it. It’s actually one of those great little books that you can open up to any page and immediately get the motivation you’re looking for, as each page is its own individual chapter, with its own topic.

The concepts included here are eye-openers, such as the comparison between portions sizes in the Far East as opposed to the West; the difference between plate sizes in our grandparents’ era, compared to our own … things we don’t even think of, but which have grown incrementally without us even noticing, thereby increasing our portion sizes! It’s fascinating.

Interspersed with tongue-in-cheek pics and big, shouty mini-posters in large, black, orange and white lettering, rather than becoming the preachy instruction manual that it could be, ‘Eat Less’ is a fun guide that doesn’t really tell us anything that we don’t already know but reminds us of the stuff that we choose to ignore while we wonder why we’re not losing weight! In other words, it’s not the strict parent, it’s the kind, understanding aunt who we turn to for advice when we know our parents won’t listen.

This isn’t the type of book you want to get in eReader format. Get the real thing. Carry it around with you. Open it up whenever you want a bit of a nudge. It’s concise and clever. No, it’s nothing new, I’ll admit to that and so do the authors who themselves, openly admit that this book doesn’t contain expert nutritional advice, but an entertaining view at what worked for them, and the methods and eating habits they now follow and incorporate into their lifestyle. It’s a bit unconventional. So if you’ve battled with weight issues and are looking for something that’s a bit out of the ordinary, this might be your answer.

As alternative as it might be though, it’s not irresponsible, and it does give all the appropriate advice about consulting your health professionals before embarking on any drastic change to your eating and exercise routines.

There are some really great, witticisms in ‘Eat Less‘ that have stuck in my head.  Buy the book, and find the ones that resonate best with you. It takes time to get into a new way of thinking and a new way of eating. ‘Eat Less‘ gives you really common sense advice on how to go about doing it without the fuss, and without the guilt!

5 stars to the authors for this really unique lifestyle guide for our times.

Thank you to Kelly Lacey at Love Books Tour Group for inviting me along for this one. It was a rare treat for me to get the actual book for this, thanks to my daughter being in the UK and being able to bring back the copy that Kelly had delivered for me!! So thank you for that!

I’m wrapping up the blog tour for this one, but please do go and take a look at what my fellow bloggers had to say about ‘Eat Less‘…

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