BLOG TOUR – The Little Book of Greatness: A Parable About Unlocking Your Destiny by Ari Gunzburg

This is one of those books that everyone needs to read! Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a manager, a student (high school, college or of life itself), someone climbing your way up the ladder to wherever it is you're trying to get to ... this book is for YOU! Ari Gunzburg wants you to... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – The Boy Between by Josiah Hartley & Amanda Prowse

This book absolutely devastated and shattered me ... into about a million pieces. In fact at one point I couldn't even read it with my family around. I went out and sat in a coffee shop and read it there. I needed some anonymity around me to ground me and to remind me to breathe... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – Benevolent by Erin A. Jensen

I've never watched the TV series Supernatural, from which this book draws strong foundations. However, I've always liked the idea that we're all guided and protected by guardian angels of some sort, which is what attracted me to this book. Abigail is one of those teenagers who just doesn't fit in. She's an easy target... Continue Reading →

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