BLOG TOUR – Bride Squad Runaway by Caroline Grace-Cassidy & Lisa C Carey

Highly predictable, but so much fun! Well, learning the devastating truth about her fiance while she’s on her way to get married, isn’t quite so fun, but the rollicking journey Ava has from there has some laugh-out-loud hilarious moments in them!

Ava and Simon (aka ‘The Tuner’) have been together for 10 years and are finally tying the knot. Seriously though, would you trust someone who’s known as The Tuner?! From the minute he made his first appearance, I found him to be instantly detestable!

Thankfully Ava is rescued from disaster by her friend (well, actually sort of ex-best friend) Lauren and they’re then joined by Cate. It’s been quite some time since the three of them have spent any time together since their crazy college days and being thrown together like this in dramatic circumstances could make or break the friendship permanently. As they muddle along through the Irish countryside, trying to find their way to what is meant to be Ava’s new home, they re-discover their common bonds, and also a whole lot of brand new stuff that makes female friendship that much more special as you grow older!

There’s an ice-cream van, a sexy French guy, an American who insists he’s Irish (don’t they all?), a bit of a voodoo ceremony, a vintage wedding dress … and a penis candle!!! But how does all of this fit together? Read the book to find out! Actually, I can imagine this being made into one of those amazing films that you walk out of with a big silly grin on your face!

It’s a 4-star read, and especially perfect for the holidays! Thank you to Love Books Tours and Black & White for inviting me on this blog tour.

About the authors:

Writer and actress Caroline Grace-Cassidy is the author of 7 novels. She co-owns Park Pictures, with whom she has written and directed 7 short films. Caroline is a regular panellist for The Elaine Show on Virgin Media One and contributes to Women’s Way, Irish Country and Weekender Magazine. She lives in Dublin.

Lisa C Carey has been a celebrity handler, screenwriter, Eurovision jury member, and green card lottery winner. She has survived earthquakes, dug her way through a glacier, and lived on a remote island in Fiji. Born and raised in Dublin, Lisa currently lives in Los Angeles. Bride Squad Runaway is her debut novel.

Author social accounts:

Caroline Grace Cassidy: Twitter – @CGraceCassidy ; Instagram – @CarolineGraceCassidy

Lisa C. Carey: Twitter – @LisaCCarey1 ; Instagram – @carey30

Buy Link:

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