BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – The Uninvited by J.A. Baker

I'm really enjoying the number of books coming out lately with a supernatural theme running through them. It adds even more of an edge to the psychological thrillers that I love! The Uninvited falls right into this category. There's a chilling sense of unease running all the way through this from the very first page.... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Black Moss by David Nolan | @Nolanwriter @fahrenheitpress #LoveBooksGroupTours

I think I need to own up to more than a bit of a fangirl fascination with David Nolan (not in a crazy, stalker-ish way, you understand!). Once I'd stayed up reading Black Moss (in one sitting - it's really that good), I wanted to find out a bit more about who wrote it. I... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards

It's a good day for Mark Edwards fans! Publication day for his latest, eagerly anticipated book, and I promise you won't be disappointed! Jessica had always adored her older, glamorous sister Isabel. She preferred to stand back and bask in Izzy's light until the day Izzy dies in a tragic accident. She inexplicably falls from... Continue Reading →

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