BLOG TOUR – The Lazarus Charter by Tony Bassett

Bob Shaw is waiting on the platform of an Underground station when he sees his friend Professor Gus Morley getting off the train that he himself is about to get onto. He quickly abandons his plans to rush after Gus, but unfortunately loses him in the crowd. And why is this all so strange? Why... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR – The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler

Gripping from the very first line! Gemma and Danny have been married for almost a year and have just moved from London to Bristol. They have a gorgeous new home that they've barely settled into, in fact Danny's hardly even lived there as he had to finish up his job in London first before he... Continue Reading →

BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – The Feud by Amanda James

Another book set in a village (we all know how much I love those)! This time, the village of St. Agnes in Cornwall and there's a 200-year-old feud thrown into the mix, together with the expected undercurrent of menace and unease. I loved that gothic touch that was added in here, and I absolutely adored... Continue Reading →

BLOG BLITZ REVIEW – The Uninvited by J.A. Baker

I'm really enjoying the number of books coming out lately with a supernatural theme running through them. It adds even more of an edge to the psychological thrillers that I love! The Uninvited falls right into this category. There's a chilling sense of unease running all the way through this from the very first page.... Continue Reading →

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