BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Dream Wife by Louisa de Lange

Far fetched? Possibly. But sadly, as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction. This truth, however, happens more often than we would like to think: men who appear loving and 'perfect' on the surface but who hide something much darker behind that charming facade. That's the case with David who manages to con Annie... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Tattoo Thief by Alison Belsham

A really unique take on the psychological thriller genre. I must say, authors are coming up with some quite remarkable killing methods these days, ensuring that those of us who are fans of this category of reading never run out of material ... I'm just a little nervous as to where they're getting their ideas... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour Review – Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

This was my first introduction to legal eagle Eddie Flynn, as I hadn't read the books that came before this one (this works well as a standalone). I'll gladly hunt down those books though! So ... Eddie Flynn ... rather an unconventional and unexpected hero to be honest! From the outset I wasn't quite sure... Continue Reading →

*** NEW *** NEW *** NEW *** From now on, in every book review, I will include the one single idea that stood out the most for me in that book. Every book has one. I’d love it if you shared yours with me from the same book. I loved this while I was reading... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – Mother By S.E. Lynes

Christopher Harris has always been somewhat of a misfit. He’s just never really felt part of anything, especially not his family – and that was even long before his 2 siblings arrived. He just doesn’t know how to ‘be’; doesn’t ever feel comfortable with himself, or with anyone else.  Discovering he’s adopted does go a... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

I loved this fast-paced, breathtaking psychological thriller! This is one of those 'just one more chapter' books, and before you know it, it's 2:00 am! Marco and Anne are invited to their neighbours for dinner. Sounds non-threatening enough doesn't it? But Anne's not too sure. Manipulative Cynthia has made it quite clear that the baby... Continue Reading →

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