BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Night Visitor by Patrick Redmond

The Night Visitor CoverI loved this book! It has the perfect balance of psychological and supernatural to unhinge you just that much without tipping you completely over the edge! Not many authors have the ability to get that right, but Redmond manages to do it perfectly.

The story starts off with Meg as a child, discovering that she possesses a particular gift. It’s not something she necessarily understands or even wants, but she does know that she can use it to help others. However, people don’t want to hear what she has to tell them and she’s labelled a freak; teased and bullied and constantly made to feel like an outcast. As much as her Mother tells her how special she is, she doesn’t want to believe her. When tragedy strikes, Meg decides she has no use for this so-called gift and blocks it from her life.

We pick up again when Meg is an adult. Once again, tragedy has pursued her and she’s taken some time off from her frenzied life as a high-powered lawyer (I have to admit – for some reason I never envisioned her in this profession) in a quiet village in Cornwall. I think she still seemed to be working pretty hard, but maybe that’s just me and I suppose the change of scenery was what made all the difference. Once again, Redmond’s writing manages to depict the area in a way that at times is picturesque and at others more than a little foreboding. He’s skilled in knowing how to utilise whatever’s required to set the tone.

It becomes apparent that as much as Meg as kept her gift at bay, something or someone is desperate to get through to her. It’s up to her to decide whether she’s willing to be drawn in or not. If you’re a believer in the supernatural, and in what’s possible, or if you’re unsure about anything to do with the subject, but are wondering about the realms of ‘ the other world’ then this is a compelling read.

Meg’s neighbour, Dan, who sounds like the type of neighbour we should all be able to go and buy at the local store, is absolutely delightful. I adored him to bits. The dynamics between the two are hilarious and lighten up the entire narrative, which would otherwise be in danger of falling too far onto the ‘dark side’. Their banter is downright funny, and an inspired touch that’s unexpected and so welcome in a book of this nature.

I can’t recommend this enough. It’s a real ‘read-in-one-sitting’ book. Compelling from start to finish. I haven’t read anything from Patrick Redmond before, but I’ll definitely be looking for other books of his to read. 4.5 bright orange stars (in honour of the season) for this one!

Thank you Tracy Fenton and Manatee books for inviting me along for the perfect Halloween read! Read more blog tour reviews here …


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