BOOK REVIEW – In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards

In her ShadowIt’s a good day for Mark Edwards fans! Publication day for his latest, eagerly anticipated book, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Jessica had always adored her older, glamorous sister Isabel. She preferred to stand back and bask in Izzy’s light until the day Izzy dies in a tragic accident. She inexplicably falls from the balcony at her luxury apartment, leaving her husband, sister and mother heartbroken.

It’s almost 5 years later and as much as Jessica has tried to move on she finds it difficult. She desperately misses her sister, but finds comfort in being a mother to her gorgeous 4-year-old little girl, Olivia, fondly called Livvy. But then Livvy starts behaving a bit strangely, and bizarrely she seems to know things about her Aunty Izzy that she surely couldn’t possibly know.

Jessica is adamant that there must be some rational explanation, but her mother willingly goes along with what she wants to believe: her daughter has returned in the form of her granddaughter. Old family history is dredged up and Jessica is forced to relive so much that she was determined would never resurface.

For those of us who are willing to contemplate the existence of the paranormal and an afterlife, Edwards deals with these topics more than acceptably. I have no doubt that he will also satisfy the sceptics out there, so if you fall into the category of cynics and doubters, don’t disqualify this book too quickly; there’s plenty to suit your appetite here too.

Once again, Edwards has written a book that will keep you awake long into the night – firstly because you won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished, and then once it’s done you’ll be mulling over it for a long time after that. There are certainly many, many questions that will be brought to mind.

4.5 big glittery stars for this one, and as usual, I can’t wait for the next one from one of my favourite authors!

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