BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Other Couple by Sarah J Naughton


Wow!! Cancel whatever you’ve got planned. Switch off your phone. Make sure the takeout menu’s are in easy reach!! Once you start this one, you’re not going to do anything else until you’ve read it right to the very last page!!

Asha wakes up in hospital with no recollection of how she got there. She remembers marrying Ollie, the man of her dreams, and she knows they were supposed to be going on an idyllic honeymoon, but can’t even remember if they ever reached their destination.

The plot unfolds by way of 3 alternating timelines: present day, the actual honeymoon itself, and the time before that, leading up to and including the wedding.

It’s clear from the start that all is not well in Ollie’s world. He’s distracted, strangely exhausted (although it all seems to manifest as one long, never-ending hangover), extremely tense and completely physically detached from his new wife. All the exact opposite of how a man on honeymoon should be behaving. His behaviour starts to impact Asha’s already heightened anxiety and a chain of events that has been set in motion long before she was even aware of them, begins to erode her already delicate balance.

Throw in a mix of rather shady guests at what’s supposed to be a Utopian honeymoon destination, one which Asha finds increasingly sinister, and the scene is set for an exciting read. I kept wildly guessing after every couple of pages, and honestly didn’t see whatever was coming next!

This is a taut, nail-biting read that will have you constantly looking over your shoulder (behind doors, inside cupboards …) and maybe also a little closer at those closest to you who you may think you know so well!!

This one gets 4.5 shiny, bold stars from me!!

Thank you to Tracy Fenton of THE Book Climub on FB, and Sam Eades of Orion Books for inviting me along on this hair-raising ride!

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