Book Review – (BIG) LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty


One of my absolute favourite authors, and her latest offering did not disappoint. An extremely cleverly constructed story about the intricacies of adults navigating the hazardous terrain of the school playground … ending with murder! Aggressive, dynamic Madeline and her beautiful but seemingly vague friend Celeste, align themselves with waif-like newcomer Jane, when the nasty Renata initiates a witch-hunt against Jane’s son Ziggy for bullying her gifted daughter Amabella. As the school parents take sides in the volatile confrontation, secrets are revealed about those involved.
It’s an insightful exploration of the various forms that bullying takes, from the perspectives of both adults and children.
Many of the chapters end with brief snippets of conversations and interviews from the fateful School Trivia Night on which the murder occurs. Moriarty is such a master when it comes to her craft – astutely building to the crescendo: who was actually murdered? I must admit, I didn’t see it coming!!!

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