BOOK REVIEW – Welcome to Wherever You Are by John Marrs

Welcome to Wherever You Are

Thank you to Tracy Fenton of THE Book Club (Facebook), for the ARC I received in return for my honest review.

Take a bow John Marrs, because with this book you surely take your place amongst the top storytellers currently out there! After his brilliant debut ‘The Wronged Sons’, this much aniticipated second novel  certainly doesn’t disappoint!

The story centres around the Venice Beach International Hostel in LA, where travellers from all walks of life find a haven from the road. There are 8 main characters and Marrs quickly draws us into their lives in such a way that you can’t help but keep reading, eager to know their personal stories. I loved the short chapters that still managed to concisely alternate between each character’s current and past situations.

Marrs develops his characters wholly and perfectly. They’re all running from something, or towards something – even they aren’t sure! You’ll love them and then you’ll hate them, and then you might like them, just a little bit. Either way, you will feel like you know them as well as your own family. But each one is holding a secret very close to their chest, which is why they’ve landed up where they are, hoping that they can blend in and maintain some sort of anonymity, while they contemplate their next move.

There are many unexpected twists and turns along the way. There are quite a few gobsmackingly ‘gasp-out-loud’ moments. But hold on tight for the ride because this book will take you on a roller-coaster ride that you won’t want to get off!

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  1. This is definitely up there as one of my favourite books of the year. Brilliant book. I enjoyed the wronged sons but not as much as this one.


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