BOOK REVIEW – Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

Don't You CryMany thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Harlequin UK for my advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Quinn Collins is at a bit of a loss when she realises that her reliable, dependable flatmate, Esther, seems to have inexplicably disappeared from their Chicago apartment one Saturday night. Quinn, being slightly scatterbrained and not quite as grounded as Esther, isn’t quite sure what to do about this strange turn of events. She depends on Esther to keep her centered, well actually she depends on Esther for most things! In fact, she’s not even sure what to eat without her friend there. Actually, initially, she’s not even sure Esther’s really disappeared. Surely someone so sensible and down-to-earth wouldn’t do something like that? But as the hours stretch on, Quinn slowly realises that this is indeed the case. She decides that maybe if she takes a look through Esther’s belongings, she might find out something that will hint at where she’s gone, and why. As she does this, she becomes increasingly aware of the fact that she knows very little about someone who she considers to be her best friend!

Not far from Chicago, a young man named Alex is living a simple life in a small town where not much appears to happen. But as with most small towns there are secrets, and the odd legend or two. Everyone knows that Alex had great potential when he was in school, but because his mom left when he was still just a small boy and his dad is the town drunk, Alex has stayed home washing dishes in the local diner and doing various other chores for whoever might need them in his immediate neighbourhood. He’s pretty much on a road to nowhere, until he becomes intrigued by a beautiful stranger who walks into the diner one day.

Told from the alternating perspectives of Quinn and Alex, this is a slow-burning psychological thriller. Don’t expect fast-paced, page-turning action. This is one of those cunning, crafty, deftly woven stories that insinuates itself into your mind until you’re so absorbed that everything else tends to fade away!

As Quinn learns more and more about Esther, she questions everything she thought she knew about her, and in turn, so does the reader. And as Alex pursues his mystery lady, we wonder if he’ll find the type of happiness he thinks he’s looking for.

I enjoyed reading Quinn’s story more than Alex’s purely because I think I related to the city perspective more than the small-town point of view. But I did find the telling of Alex’s side beautifully atmospheric – in a Twin Peaks kind of way!

It took me a while to truly find my way into Don’t You Cry, but once I did I was hooked! 4 stars from me.

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