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The-Argument-Kindle (1)When you read the blurb of this book, you’ll be inclined to think that it’s your typical story about family angst gone wrong. Well, it certainly starts out like that. Hannah seems to be a rather over-protective mother when it comes to her teenage daughter Olivia. She feels that she’s lost all control over her and wishes she could be more like her younger sister Rosie who’s still naive and willing to listen to everything her parents tell her.

Slowly though, it becomes clear that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. As Olivia starts to describe what her life has been like and how ‘different’ she’s always felt from other kids, one can’t help wondering why she feels this way, and what has made her feel so very alienated from her peers. As the story slowly unravels and as we watch the interactions between this family, we understand that something is drastically amiss.

This slow burner veers off into vastly different territory to what’s expected! It begins as a family noir and then develops into a deeply dramatic, and disturbing psychological thriller. What lies at the heart of a household where control and domination are the sole aims of those at the helm?

Ms Jenkins expertly keeps her readers guessing, leading them along down precarious pathways before pouncing out at them when they least expect it! Her plot starts off ordinarily enough before taking an alarming turn, from which it doesn’t stray until the very end.

This is a gripping 4-star read.

Author Bio:Victoria Jenkins Author Photo (1)

Victoria Jenkins lives with her husband and daughter in South Wales, where her series of crime novels featuring Detectives King and Lane is based. Her debut novel The Girls in the Water is an Amazon UK top 30 bestseller, and top 5 bestseller in the Amazon US chart.

Her first psychological thriller, The Divorce, was published in July 2019.

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