PUBLICATION DAY PARTY – The Three Women by Valerie Keogh

Happy publication day to Valerie Keogh! I have no doubt that The Three Women will race up the bestseller charts! It’s a completely riveting psychological thriller that once started, will have readers breathlessly enthralled until the very last page.

Three woman x 3 final (1)Beth, Joanne and Megan meet at the start of their university careers and although they seem unlikely companions, they remain close friends throughout their college years. To celebrate the end of their studies they decide to go away for a girly weekend, but what should be a few days of reckless fun soon turns disastrous when a devastating event brings things to a sharp and shocking end.

The friends promise never to speak of what happened, and soon carry on with their planned lives, going on to have successful careers in their chosen fields … or do they really? Because things are not quite as clear-cut as they first appear to be. It’s clear over the years, that the incident that occurred on that fateful weekend had a huge impact on the path that each of these women chose for herself. And although they made a promise to keep things secret, we all know that secrets have a way of finding their way out of hiding.

This book is a finely constructed masterpiece of layer upon layer of innuendo: secret upon secret; lie upon lie. As you peel away each gossamer-thin veil, you will uncover a web of truly dark and rather twisted exploits that each character has manipulated to suit their own motives.

I must admit that I didn’t find Beth, Megan or Joanne particularly likeable, but here lies the true gift of a talented writer: although the protagonists might not be the nicest people, you remain totally drawn into their story, wanting to know what happens to them, and how it will all play out.

I’ve never read any of Valerie Keogh’s previous books, but this would definitely encourage me to seek them out! The Three Women is a 5-star read that I’d highly recommend.

Author Bio:Better photo

Valerie Keogh was born in Dublin, qualified as a nurse and then studied English in University College Dublin gaining a BA in English and a Masters in American Literature. She moved to the UK several years ago where she lives with her husband, Robert, and cat, Fatty Arbuckle. She enjoys writing both crime and psychological thrillers.

When she’s not writing, Valerie loves to travel.

You can follow Valerie on Twitter: @ValerieKeogh1

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Thank you to Bloodhound Books for inviting me along for this publication day party blitz, and for introducing me to Valerie’s books! Take a look at what other bloggers have to say about The Three Women

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