BOOK REVIEW – Grown-Ups by Marian Keyes

Grown UpsCan’t I give this 10 stars??? I absolutely adored this book! I loved the Casey’s and all their typical family in-fighting and nonsense (actually, in Irish terms it’s referred to as ‘malarkey’ I think).
Marian writes in a way that draws the reader in and makes you feel like you’re right there, just a fly on the wall and part of all the action.
Johnny is the ‘grown-up’ brother, together with his wife Jessie, who is the picture of perfection, but in truth, all she wants is for everyone to just be one big happy family and for them all to love each other.

Ed is just lovely. Living the life he wants, with two little boys and his wife Cara, who he simply adores and would move mountains for. But Cara feels she’ll never measure up to all those smart ones out there, and is always uncomfortable that they don’t have the money to throw around like Johnny and Jessie do.

Liam’s the reckless one and a bit of a cad. Previously married and with two daughters now living overseas, he’s now married to Nell who everyone simply adores. She’s a little bit ethereal, and caught between the world of the adults in the family and the children.
And then there are the children – the ‘bunnies’ according to Jessie – who just delight in having their big, warm, wonderful extended family around, surrounding them with warmth, love and advice whenever they need it. Bridey especially is quite the character – a precocious pre-teen who is quite hilarious to observe.

Marian is a master at crafting intricate family dynamics. She structures it all perfectly, but knows exactly where to place those fragile cracks so that when the faultlines start to tremble, those cracks spread out to cause the most damage, and shatter so entirely that everyone is left devastated from the trauma – including the reader!
Grown-Ups is Marian Keyes at her absolute best. I can’t recommend this book enough. The Casey’s will reach out to embrace you and you will become a part of their world.

Thank you to the beautiful people at Penguin Random House SA for my copy. We cannot wait to welcome Marian to SA in May this year!

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