BLOG TOUR – The Book Lovers (The Book Lovers #1) by Victoria Connelly

The Book Lovers Series

I absolutely adored this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

The Book Lovers - Victoria ConnellyFirst I was drawn in by the gorgeous cover, and once I’d settled in to read about Callie Logan and her re-location from bustling London to a cosy cottage in rural Suffolk – Owl Cottage in Newton St Clare, to be precise –  I was well and truly hooked! Callie is looking for a fresh start after splitting with her husband and she swears that she’s done with love … for ever!

While out exploring her new surroundings Callie discovers a fabulous second-hand bookshop and being an author herself (of well-loved children’s books), she can’t resist taking a look. And so we meet the first two members of the Nightingale family, who this series of books actually revolves around. The bookshop belongs to Sam Nightingale, and his Grandpa Joe helps out.  It’s quaint and absolutely perfect! Callie feels she could spend hours just browsing the shelves and corners of this gorgeous little shop. And it’s not only the books. There’s something about the owner Sam that’s rather attractive too … but no! She’s done with all of that!

Sam too is done with love … for ever! He’s recently divorced from his wife Emma, wondering why he married her in the first place. But his large, loud, all-embracing, book-loving family all have his best interests at heart and don’t want to see Sam lonely and abandoned. And they make no secret of the fact that they think that Callie’s the girl for him! The Nightingale family is quite literally, a literary family that dreams are made of!

Even in quaint country villages, does the path of true love ever run smoothly? I don’t have to tell you, no it does not! This is such an enjoyable read, and is there anything better for a book lover than to read a story about people who work with books, and who love books? It’s like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and settling in your favourite chair! I’m not even sure I’m doing justice to how much I enjoyed this book.

Victoria Connelly’s characters are charming. I loved Callie and instantly warmed to her. Sam too, is so endearing and as much as both of them have sworn off love after being hurt, they both have an inner strength that shows they’re not completely broken by their past experiences. Each of Sam’s siblings, with their lively banter fills the pages with humour and I can’t wait to read each of their stories. Perhaps most heart-warming is the relationship between Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nell: beautiful to read about and you can just picture their interactions and hear the tone in which they speak to each other.

A winner of a 5-star read, and I thank Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on the blog tour for this one and the three that follow it. Read what other bloggers are saying about The Book Lovers

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