BLOG TOUR – Scenes From a Country Bookshop (The Book Lovers #4) by Victoria Connelly

The Book Lovers Series

Well this is the final book in The Book Lovers series, although I’m told there is a novella entitled Christmas with The Book Lovers, which I’ll definitely be on the lookout for! But this is the last one in the blog tour series.

Scenes from a Country Bookshop - Victoria ConnellyOnce again, we return to the Suffolk village of Castle Clare and this time we focus on Josh Nightingale, the middle child of the family. He’s a confirmed bachelor, decidedly unperturbed by all of his siblings finding the loves of their lives … and Sunday lunches at their parents’ home becoming larger and noisier! Josh is happy with his books – they’re his first and only love and he’s quite content to remain in the quiet confines of his bookshop, surrounded by the reliability that they promise … until a new shop opens up across the street and he spots its owner, April Channing!

The path of true love is not as smooth as we’d like it to be, and Josh is confused by the conflicting messages he receives from April. She seems friendly and welcoming to his obvious attraction to her, but then she’ll suddenly withdraw, becoming cool and aloof. It’s all very perplexing to someone like Josh who really isn’t used to dealing with women and the whole dating game. He decides that he probably should seek advice from someone who might know a bit about it, and so he consults with the elderly Winston (owner of Delilah, his dog who goes everywhere with him, including the village book club).

All of the previous books have had a predominant theme of family running through them, and although we learn about all the characters and their family situations, it is the Nightingale family and their strong bonds that prevail throughout. In this book, however, I found that the family theme is even stronger and focuses on the different types of family structures that exist, and how they all have their advantages and their place in the grand scheme of things. What works for one family might look strange to others, but who’s to say what’s normal? Who defines what ‘normal’ is?

The story also examines different familial relationships: the relationship between Winston and his brother, and the way in which their memories of their past differs, and how this has affected the path of their relationship. I’ve seen this happen often with people who I know today when they discuss their past with their siblings and they often remember things so differently. It’s fascinating.

So once again, I absolutely loved this story. The book-loving theme that runs as a backdrop throughout the series is comforting and all-embracing, and reading the books in order and getting to know the characters ensures that as you progress through the series, you feel like you’re returning to good friends each time.

Another 5-star read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Rachel Gilbey from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on these blog tours. I’ve loved each and every one of them. Take a look at what all of these bloggers have been saying about The Book Lovers

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