BLOG TOUR – What If …? by Shari Low

I’m really thrilled to be a part of this blog tour for the 20th anniversary reprint of Shari Low’s very first book, What If …?

I’m sure that many of us have looked back on our lives and wondered ‘what if …’. A different decision here; a change of plan there; perhaps some kinder words spoken, or an argument that could have been avoided. Carly Cooper has reached the age of 30 and although she’s managed to be engaged 5 times, she’s never quite managed to seal the deal and get married. She’s somehow reached the conclusion that she may have made a mistake somewhere along the way (possible more than one?) and decides to chuck in her job and track down her exes … in order of engagements … to see if one of them might actually have been Mr Right!

I adored Carly! I loved the fact that she was quirky, and unsure, and basically a bit of a hot mess … but 100% authentic. While all of her friends are off settling down, finding themselves and becoming all adulty, Carly doesn’t quite seem able to manage it. She’s actually quite good at what she does, but when it comes to making those important life choices, she just falls short every single time. I really wanted her to find her happily ever after and couldn’t wait to see who would be ‘The One’. She just has this feeling that she’s missed out on this opportunity somewhere, and she’s absolutely determined to go out there and grab it before it’s too late. I was cheering her on every single step of the way, because how many times in life do we miss out on stuff because we don’t act on all those feelings when we really, really should. Well, read this book and live vicariously through Carly because she does it all for us!

Shari Low hasn’t lost her touch since writing this, her first book, all those years ago. She’s only improved. Her characters quickly endear themselves to readers and they’re likeable and real. She writes about people who are just like you and me.

This is such an enjoyable read as we jump between past and present, following Carly’s journey from her first love, through her various liaisons as she learns about herself as much as what type of man is actually the one for her.

This is a fabulous 4-star read, and is one of those books that immediately draws you in . It has warmth, humour and so much heart.

Thank you to RaRa Resources for inviting me on this blog tour. Take a look at what other bloggers have to say about What If …?

Author Bio:

Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 25 novels, including One Day In Summer and My One Month Marriage and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

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