BOOK REVIEW – The Trapped Wife by Samantha Hayes

A one-sitting read! I didn't even realise that I was literally holding my breath half of the time I was reading this!

Oh my word, this is an absolutely brilliant, unputdownable thriller that just doesn't stop until the completely unpredictable end that I truly did NOT see coming! 

Dr Jen Miller is living in a small town with her teenage son. They're getting over the recent death of her author husband and trying to return to everyday life. Jen is slowly returning to work in the local GP practice and Kieran is attempting to focus on his schoolwork, but there are some things that just don't seem to add up: Flashbacks of a drunken night that Jen experienced when she was away on a medical conference, and Kieran's sudden furtive behaviour and secrecy. Jen's best friend Rhonda tries to uncover what's going on as she soon picks up that something just isn't OK, but will she be able to get to the bottom of things? Was Jen's husband really having an affair before he died? What are Kieran and her own daughter up to? And who is the mysterious Scott who has suddenly appeared on the scene and made himself very much at home in Jen's life?

Told in dual timelines between the present day, and then going back to previous years when two lonely children formed a close friendship and their own private 'club' when they're ostracised and bullied by all the other school children, you will be hard pressed to figure out the connection between the two seemingly independent stories.. But of course, the links and the hints are there all along, if you know where to look. Samantha Hayes is just a master at hiding them, and revealing them when you least expect it. 

This is a 5-star cracker of a book that I highly recommend!

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