BLOG TOUR – The Curfew by T. M. Logan

Andy and Laura have never had issues with parenting their teenage son Connor. And now that he’s sixteen and finished his GCSE exams, they’re happy to allow him to go out and celebrate with his cousin (and best friend) Zac, as long as he’s home by midnight.

When Andy wakes up in the early hours of the morning he’s uneasy. Something’s not right and he’s convinced that Connor didn’t come home. He goes to check on him and sees he is actually asleep in his bed, although on further inspection Andy discovers that the porch light was left on. He figures this is the reason for his unease and leaves it at that, reminding himself to give his son a telling-off about it later in the day. He goes back to bed, but something continues to niggle at him. (That sense of unease prevails throughout most of the book.)

And so begins T.M. Logan’s pacy thriller that will have you holding your breath, turning pages and gasping all at the same time!

This is a story about trust, friendship, loyalty, family, and the power of social media and technology. And ultimately it’s a story about how far we’re willing to go to truly be there when those we love really need us. It’s the story of five teenagers – not necessarily all friends – who decide to leave a party, and go off into the woods together. Only four of those teens come out.

Andy and Laura are convinced that they know everything there is to know about Connor – after all, he’s always been a good boy. But now he’s mixed up in an incident that happened that night in the woods and they have no idea how to help him because it seems that whatever they say or do, Connor is being dragged deeper and deeper into trouble. The odds are certainly stacked against him, and he seems intent on helping to dig his own grave.

Worst of all, Andy’s biggest supporter and closest ally – his brother Ben – seems to have turned against them in their hour of need. Ben’s son Zac has a role to play in all of this and it soon becomes clear to Andy that Ben is less interested in Connor’s dire situation and more concerned with focusing on Zac and his own needs.

We hear aspects of the story told from the perspectives of each of the teens involved, but mainly from the points of view of Andy, Laura and Harriet, Connor’s younger sister, who for me is the stand-out hero of the piece! If I was ever in a pickle I’d want her in my corner! The narrative is character-driven, with each voice so distinctive, I felt I could almost hear them.

As with all of T. M Logan’s books, there are twists and turns a-plenty. You will second guess yourself numerous times throughout … the sign of a really good thriller author! I really hope that this is optioned for the screen as it would make for excellent viewing. But for now, it’s a 5-star must-read for fans of the thriller genre!

Thank you to Compulsive Readers and Zaffre Books for inviting me on the Blog Tour.

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