BOOKS ON TOUR – The Resort by Sue Watson

Fitzgerald’s is a glittering, exclusive resort that sits like a jewel on an island just off the Devon coast. Access is via boat, which adds to the sense of privilege that it exudes … but also to a feeling of isolation when things go wrong.

Sam and David are at Fitzgeralds on their honeymoon. David is quite at home in these luxurious surroundings, but Sam feels out of her depth. It’s all very unfamiliar to her and she’s uncomfortable with the lavish environment, not sure how to relax and allow herself to fit in. It doesn’t help that her new husband isn’t the most encouraging and is making her feel the opposite of ‘relaxed’.

Daisy and Tom have come to Fitzgeralds to recover from a recent trauma and to try and heal the rift that seems to have appeared in their marriage. A gorgeous couple who seem to be perfect together, with everything they could want or need in life … except for one thing. But there’s an undercurrent running between them that seems to go beyond the hurt they’ve come here to fix.

Becky and Josh are spending time at Fitzgeralds celebrating an anniversary and some time without their children. But Becky seems scared of her own shadow and very much under Josh’s control. She barely says a word without first checking with him, and even then Josh talks over her or disagrees with what she says. What could possibly be the problem in this beautiful place where they should be relishing their time together?

The three couples meet and while the women form tentative bonds, there’s immediate tension and one-upmanship between the men. But then disaster strikes: Stella, a pretty and ambitious young staff-member, is found dead at the bottom of a cliff. After an initial question as to whether it could have been suicide, things very quickly develop into a murder investigation. Who on earth would have wanted to kill this girl in a gorgeous holiday destination that resembles Paradise? it’s too shocking to even contemplate.

But Fitzgeralds has a dark past that seems to have reared its ugly head once again. As the case gains momentum it quickly becomes clear that each one of these couples has their own secrets. And as the story unfolds, narrated in alternate chapters by Sam, Daisy and Becky we discover just how hard they’re all working at maintaining the facades that they’re presenting to each other, and (they hope) to the police. Each harbors deep insecurities. The cracks that lie just under the surface are becoming deeper and deeper, threatening to explode at any moment. But who will be first?

Sue Watson paces the action perfectly in this page-turning thriller. She builds the tension just that little bit at a time until the reader is literally on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next cliffhanger to drop! Her characters are the right mix of good and bad – we know they’re all hiding something, but it just depends on how much each one is willing to share, when they’ll do it, how they’ll do it, and at whose expense? The strategic game is always being cleverly played!

This is a 5 star read! Highly recommended. Thanks to Bookouture for the tour. Take a look at what these bloggers are saying about the Resort. Follow the tour …

Author Bio:

Sue Watson was a journalist on national magazines and newspapers before becoming a TV producer with the BBC.

Now a USA Today bestselling author, Sue explores the darker side of life, writing psychological thrillers with big twists.
Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her family in leafy Worcestershire where much of her day is spent writing and procrastinating. Her hobby is eating cake while watching diet and exercise programmes from the sofa, a skill she’s perfected after many years of practice.
Follow Sue on Twitter @suewatsonwriter and Instagram @suewatsonbooks.

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