BLOG TOUR – One Last Day of Summer by Shari Low

I’m a complete sucker for a Shari Low book! She’s always bound to put a smile on my face and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Take four strangers and put them on a flight to St Lucia. It’s almost as if fate brought them together, knowing that they needed to meet.

Bernadette is a nurse who was meant to be going on holiday with her best friend, but that very morning, her bestie cancelled on her as her daughter had been in an accident overseas. Is she mad to be heading off on an exotic adventure by herself? Hayley is meant to be heading for a restful holiday with her husband, a renowned fertility doctor. They’re hoping a change of scenery and a relaxing environment will be just what they need for her to finally become pregnant after many failed rounds of IVF. But they haven’t even boarded the plane and things are already off to a bad start. Happy-go-lucky Dev has splurged on this trip to follow a dream – well, a dream girl to be precise! He’s had a one-night-stand with a girl who ticked every single box for him and he believes he’s fallen in love so he’s chasing her to St Lucia which is where she said she was going the day after their hook-up. His best friend and flat-mate Lizzie assures him he’s not nuts and even drives him to the airport! And gorgeous rock star Tadgh is travelling to St Lucia to marry his childhood sweetheart. But just before he gets on the plane, he sees a text message on his brother’s phone that has him doubting everything he’s always been so sure of.

Over the course of a 9 hour flight, secrets are shared, hearts are laid bare and many a deep, meaningful conversation is had, because isn’t it easier to talk to a stranger on a plane, who you’ll never see again, than to someone who’s close to you? Throw in a hilarious, cheeky flight attendant, a few bottles of Prosecco, some Pringles and a couple of chewy sandwiches with indeterminate fillings and you’ve got yourself a life-changing journey and a wonderful, heartwarming read.

I loved every single character (okay, not Hayley’s husband, or Bernadette’s – although I was amused that his surname was the same as a cult leader associated with murder!) The story has Shari Low’s signature humour, together with a serious message and loads of wisdom too. It’s a great holiday read. Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the blog tour.


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