Oh books, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

At Exclusive Books, the shelves celebrate the month of love too.

EBR February features books on all kinds of love – romantic love, parental love, self love – even the love of characters and personalities.  

Our lead title is Jay Shetty’s Eight Rules of Love – How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go.

You will know this #1 New York Times bestseller author Shetty from his book Think Like a Monk. In this book, he offers a revelatory guide to every stage of romance, drawing on ancient wisdom and new science. Instead of presenting love as an ethereal concept or a collection of cliches, Jay Shetty lays out specific, actionable steps to help you develop the skills to practice and nurture love better than ever before. He shares insights on how to win or lose together, how to define love, and why you don’t break in a break-up. Inspired by Vedic wisdom and modern science, he tackles the entire relationship cycle, from first dates to moving in together to breaking up and starting over. Nobody sits us down and teaches us how to love. So we’re often thrown into relationships with nothing but romance movies and pop culture to help us muddle through. Until now.

Another biggie is Closer to Love, by famous music producer Vex King. King, the Sunday Times bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life and Healing is the New High is back witha practical, emotional and spiritual guide to deeper and more fulfilling love. Modern relationships are more complex than ever, but our inherent need to give and receive love is as true today as it ever was.

Other love-ly titles on EBR February include I will Always Love You, by Marisa Morea, a vibrant look at musical couples who have made love work; Olive You Valentine Knock-Knock Jokes, by Katy Hall, which contains classic puns and surprising reveals; and two picture books that will make ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for young and old: Mr Men Little Miss Love Gift Book – a warm witty V-Day take with the iconic characters; and How to be Loved Like Paddington, by Michael Bond – quotes that capture the extraordinary impact on one of the most loved children’s characters in literature.

As we all get our heads around the limitless possibilities of ChatGPT, and with AI simulating everything from art to writing, the one thing AI cannot simulate is love.

So, this February – in this month of love, we invite you to pop into your nearest Exclusive Books and fall in love with something on the shelves.

Other February titles:



0 – 5

6 – 9 and 10 – 12

Young Adult

Fanatics members earn a whopping 200 bonus points on their purchases from the list during January.

Exclusive Books recommended titles are merchandised in front of all their stores every month and are carefully curated in different categories. The aim is to assist customers to see at a glance, and in a short space of time, titles that are new, trending and have caught the eyes of the Exclusive Books buyers in among 1000’s of titles. There are choices for all genre tastes, and now the dedicated EBR for children will offer an even wider and deeper rage for younger readers. Exclusive Books Recommends – Exclusive Books

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