BOOK REVIEW – Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

Can shoes really make a difference to how you feel? Well Sam and Nisha are about to find out!

In a mixed up, rush of a morning, Sam grabs the wrong bag on her way out of the gym. She’s running late for a meeting and to her horror, when she looks inside the bag for her sensible black shoes, all she finds are a raunchy pair of six-inch, Christian Louboutin red crocodile shoes! There’s no way she can go to her meetings wearing those, she thinks … but she has no choice. It’s either those, or the flip-flops she ran out of the gym in! She knows that her impossibly critical boss will definitely have something to say about that, and so, off she totters in the heels. She’s surprised to discover that putting on those shoes is like wearing a different persona though, and she has a really successful day! It’s a revelation, and she realizes that her lack-lustre life as she currently knows it, has to undergo some drastic changes.

Nisha, on the other hand, is not faring quite as well. She’s accustomed to the best of the best of everything as she globetrots with her arrogant, but controlling husband and his team of staff. She’s also somewhat, a bit of a germaphobe. When she realizes that her bag has disappeared (because she was on the phone and wasn’t paying attention!), she’s livid! But she’s mortified when she has to leave the gym wearing slip-slops and a towelling gown! Well … there was no way she was going to touch the contents of the bag she’s now in possession of! Who knows where this stuff’s been?! No matter, she’ll be AOK as soon as she gets back to her hotel suite and can get changed into her own gorgeous, (read: expensive) clothes. Imagine her shock when she gets there and is told that access is barred! Her husband has chosen today of all days to begin separation proceedings and as this hideous day continues, Nisha finds that she is completely cut off from the life that she knows. No clothes, no shoes, no credit cards, no cars, no security, nothing whatsoever! Her husband won’t even take any of her increasingly hysterical calls! What now?
Sam and Nisha are about to embark on two life-changing journeys. Along the way, they will encounter people who they never expected, but who will have long-lasting impacts on both of their lives. And of course, eventually, the two will meet, their lives will intersect and unimaginably, the results might not be what they anticipated.
I adored this! The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I read it so quickly and then it was finished! It had every single thing I was looking for in an unputdownable read: fabulous female leads, an amazing support cast, a few truly awful villains, and some extremely annoying but unwitting loved ones thrown into the mix as well! It all balances out really well … but … how do Sam and Nisha deal with it all, and who will they each be at the end of it?
You definitely need to read this to find out! Get comfortable and settle down with your favourite snacks and beverages for this one – you won’t want to move until you’re finished with it!

Many thanks to Penguin Random House South Africa for my review copy of this book.


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