BLOG TOUR – One Moment in Time by Shari Low

From the Blurb: Sometimes the best surprises reveal the most shocking secrets. After three decades of marriage, Brenda Jones has decided to leave her husband, just as soon as they both return from a mystery trip with their daughter Zara. But she has no idea that Zara is flying them to Las Vegas to renew their vows.

Zara Jones has recreated almost every detail of her parent’s original wedding – now her only challenge is tracking down the two friends who were pictured with her mum and dad back in 1993.

Aiden Gregg is dealing with his own relationship woes when he receives an unexpected message from a complete stranger. With the help of Facebook, Zara has tracked him down and is asking if his parents are the other couple in the old photo? And if so, could he bring them to Vegas for a surprise reunion?

What Zara and Aiden don’t know is that thirty years ago, One Moment In Time changed everything.

Will rewinding the clock right the wrongs of the past?

Or are they all counting down to a rendezvous with disaster?

Shari Low has that incredible ability to write about people who are real and relatable, in situations that any of us could easily find ourselves in. That’s why her books are all instant bestsellers! We all want that feeling of being seen, of being acknowledged, and picking up one of Shari Low’s books is like being given that recognition we all want, even when we say we don’t.

This is a really enjoyable read overall. Brenda and Colin are coming up to their 30th wedding anniversary and like most couples who have been married for that long, they’ve fallen into an easy sort of routine … except that Brenda is feeling decidedly uneasy. She’s had enough of their comfortable routine and their mundane life. She’s ready for some adventure, to see a bit more of what the world has to offer. Now that their two daughters have grown up and moved out, shouldn’t she and Colin be using this time for themselves to enjoy life? Instead, they’re stagnating at home, biding their time. Brenda has had enough! How to break the news to everyone though?

Meanwhile, their daughters, the practical, level-headed Zara, and ditzy, party-girl Millie, are planning the anniversary trip of a lifetime for their parents: a holiday in Vegas, complete with renewing their vows in the same place they made them 30 years ago. And the biggest surprise of all … they’ve even tracked down the two people who were in their wedding photo!! It looks like they must have all been great friends back then. They’ve probably just lost touch over the years, but through sheer determination (and social media) the girls have tracked them down to share this momentous anniversary with them! It’s going to be amazing!

Well, it’s going to be something, that’s for sure! Because (surprise, surprise) things might not go quite as planned.

Eileen Smith and Gary Gregg are the other couple in the photo and their son Aiden, who’s got his own relationship issues to deal with right now, quite frankly, needs to use every single piece of ammunition in his arsenal to ensure that he can get them both to where they’re supposed to be, in the same place, at the same time, together, like Zara’s requested. Because if there’s one thing that Eileen and Gary hate above all else (apart from the sight of each other), it’s being in the same place at the same time, together!

If Brenda and Colin’s reaction to the girls’ Vegas surprise isn’t the explosive excitement Zara and Millie were expecting, they needn’t worry … there’ll definitely be fireworks of some kind or other on this holiday!

What I absolutely loved:

  • The way the author has dealt with the narrative of the “45+ woman”: that generation that suddenly becomes invisible and forgotten; the women who everyone assumes are (or should be) quietly content with their lives and who no longer get to choose anything for themselves going forward because their time has come and gone and they already made their choices.
  • The writing style and the way in which all the different stories and timelines were told: past and present, Brenda’s current state of mind, Zara and Millie’s plan, Aiden’s dilemma, together with the details of Eileen and Gary’s lives. It all flowed smoothly and never felt stilted or choppy.
  • The honest to God true-to-life portrayal of relationships, both with others and with ourselves. Way too many of us are standing in one place for far longer than we should be for fear of hurting other people, or worrying about what they’ll think of us if we make those changes we’re so desperate for. And all the while we’re the ones suffering the consequences, because we place our happiness in the hands and opinions of others.
  • Gary (unpopular opinion, I know!) – yes he’s an immature, preening so-and-so, but don’t we all wish we could be a bit more like him? He’s filter-free (apart from the botox and all the other stuff), says and does what he likes, and doesn’t waste his time where he knows he’s not wanted.

What I loved less:

  • If I was being really picky, maybe the ending seemed a bit rushed, but I’m hoping that Shari Low is going to bring back some of these characters in a future book (hint, hint)?? I feel like there’s a lot of living still to be done here, and loads more escapades to be had and we need to know all about all of it!

This is the perfect 4-Star holiday read – just dont’t do what I did by rushing to read it all too quickly! Pace yourself and just enjoy it.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the Blog Tour!

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Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 30 novels, including My One Month Marriage and One Summer Sunrise and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

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