BOOK REVIEW – In Too Deep by Samantha Hayes

In Too DeepMany thanks to THE Book Club (specifically Tracy Fenton) and NetGalley for my advance copy in return for an honest review.

Forget everything you’re expecting when you pick up this book – it’s just completely unexpected from every aspect! It’s about Gina’s lovely husband Rick, who goes out one afternoon to get a newspaper and never comes back. After the death of their young son Jacob, Gina can’t believe her husband would deliberately disappear. After four months with no sign of him, however, the police have let the case go cold despite Gina’s desperation.

Then she receives a call from Susan, owner of a beautiful country hotel, saying that Rick had booked and paid for an anniversary surprise for them at the hotel. She decides that she’ll take their teenage daughter Hannah, home from university, with her as the break might be just what they need. But Hannah has brought home her own demons and is struggling to maintain an outward show of normality as she realises that her secrets could destroy both her and her mother.

Told from the alternate perspectives of Gina and Hannah, and moving seamlessly between the present and the recent past, this is an extremely fast-paced, very cleverly constructed, multi-faceted story. Is it about bad things happening to good people? Is it about good people making bad choices? I’ll leave that up to you to decide … I think that might be what the author intended. It’s psychological suspense at its best, as you teeter on a knife’s edge, not knowing who to trust.

Try and read this slowly so that you take it all in. You probably won’t be able to. Just remember, as you’re racing through the pages, to breathe!

4.5 stars from me.

[This book is due for publication on 5 May 2016.]

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