BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Someone Is Lying by Jenny Blackhurst

Outlook-1tbgc0iuThere are strong undertones of Liane Moriarty and Desperate Housewives in this neighbourhood noir (I don’t know if that’s a thing – if not, let’s just say it is) about a close-knit (somewhat incestuous) gated Cheshire community called Severn Oaks.

It’s been a year since Erica Spencer tragically fell out of a treehouse and died at a lavish Halloween party. Her friends and family are carrying on, still trying to come to terms with her death, but generally managing to move forward with their lives. And then someone places a post on the school website informing everyone that they will be broadcasting a serialised podcast about events leading up to Erica’s death, and claiming to know exactly what happened that night of the so-called accident. They go on to say that Erica’s six closest friends are all suspects in what is actually a murder!

‘The Six’ as the podcast refers to them, are suddenly thrown into a state of complete panic! Who is the mysterious ‘Andy Noon’ who says they know everyone’s deepest darkest secrets? It must be someone known to them, someone from inside their community! And as they turn themselves inside-out and against each other, we slowly see them reveal what they’d rather hide … and they all have plenty to hide! Because when people are that close, one has to wonder how convoluted the relationships actually become.

Jenny Blackhurst has cleverly created a cast of rather unlikeable characters that you just can’t help sitting back and pointing fingers at! They’re all quite conniving and judgemental and rather too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions about people who they were comfortable to call their friends, but who all of a sudden they’re not so sure of once doubt has been cast. The thing is, that they’re all ready to stand back and keep their distance because they’re absolutely certain that nobody can be sure of them either!

Should one keep ones’ friends close and ones’ enemies closer? Hmmm, I’m not too clear about that old adage after reading this one. But it’s well worth the read. It’s dark and compelling and there’s something about it that digs its claws in and just doesn’t let go!

4 stars for this one and thanks to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for inviting me on the blog tour. See what other bloggers have to say about Someone is Lying …

Someone is Lying


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