BLOG TOUR REVIEW – Bonnie and Stan by Anna Stuart

Bonnie and StanThis gorgeous, touching story just about broke my heart every time I picked it up to continue reading it! Bonnie and Stan are in their 70’s and have been together just about forever! They’ve settled into that comfortable time in their lives where they’re planning to move into their dream house (designed by architect Bonnie). Their adult twins are settled and happy and things are ticking along just fine … until they receive devastating news. Stan has cancer and it looks like their ‘happy ever after’ is about to be cruelly cut short.

Anna Stuart’s writing has that way of kicking you in the gut! Every time she mentioned Stan looking at his beloved Bonnie and imagining her on her own, I wanted to bawl my eyes out! In that way that the universe works, they are the perfect balance. When they receive their shocking news, Stan is pragmatic and more accepting, whereas Bonnie is immediately determined to find a miracle cure. I thought of the many people I know who’ve been in a similar situation and that initial reaction is “Why Me?” or “How could this have happened?” Almost everyone has that feeling that they’ll be the ones to defy the odds; they’ll be that one in a million that proves the medical profession wrong! That’s what Bonnie wants for Stan.

All Stan wants is for Bonnie not to be lonely. And so he enlists the help of his granddaughter Greya and secretly sets out to find the next love of his wife’s life!

Split between their initial meeting and growing relationship in Liverpool in the swinging 60’s, and present day, this is a fully rounded story of a couple who have truly lived their lives together as one entity. It seems inconceivable that they could be parted. I especially loved seeing a naive and innocent Bonnie grow into her character.

The 60’s playlist will resonate with anyone who’s a music lover, whether you were around in that era or not (see, I’m not giving away my age AT all!!) 60’s music is eternal and whenever one hears it, it immediately conjures up a certain image or scene. It’s the backdrop for Bonnie and Stan’s story and Stuart’s vivid descriptions of that time add lustre and intensity.

This is a poignant, emotional read, but the author never overdoes it. It’s never gushy and never maudlin. It’s moving and gentle and readers will be absorbed in a relationship that is so real, with its ups and downs and its unwavering, solid bond.

5 warm and fuzzy stars for this one. I highly recommend it!

Thank you to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers and to Trapeze for inviting me on this comforting blog tour. Look at what other bloggers are saying …

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