BLOG TOUR – Secrets of the Mummy Concierge by Tiffany Norris

Yay! It’s Day 1 on the blog tour for Secrets of the Mummy Concierge by Tiffany Norris!

It sounds like a dream job doesn’t it? Swanning around with the rich and famous, who get whatever they want because money’s no object. Well, oh my goodness, as much as the idea might be be very nice in theory, Tiffany’s job sounds like it would raise my anxiety levels through the roof.

“What exactly is a Mummy Concierge?”, I hear you asking. Well, it’s basically the female definition of ‘A Man With a Plan’. Tiffany has all the best contacts to get you whatever you want when it comes to anything to do with Babies – whether your expecting one (or more), having one, about to have one, or if you have a toddler who just has to have the biggest and best birthday party ever – Tiffany’s your go-to gal! She must have nerves of steel, because dealing with that elite group that just expect absolutely everything to be delivered (‘scuse the pun!) to their high expectations and to meet their excessive needs is a tall order.

And yet … Tiffany’s regales us with stories of the far-fetched demands of her clients in a cool, calm and hilarious way that displays her organised, non-judgmental character. She makes it all seem like a breeze, from ensuring that a newborn’s nursery is 100 percent ship-shape by the time it comes home (when just 2 days before that, the room was a bare shell), to finding the most unique baby name ever, that nobody else has ever even contemplated, let alone used!

However, this confident, unruffled Mummy Concierge also intersperses her tales of excess and abundance with her own story: her journey to motherhood (not a smooth road), and her open disclosure about going through ante-natal depression. Instead of dissuading her from her work, all of these hurdles that Tiffany has overcome have only enhanced the work she does, making her far more understanding and empathetic to what others are going through on their own adventures in parenting!

This is a very different read. It’s thoroughly enjoyable to take a peek into the world of the super-rich, and Tiffany Norris gives us a brief, birds-eye view into that world. Her experiences range from the hilariously funny to the downright outrageous. Some literally made me gasp – I’m not sure whether it was in horror, or sheer gobsmacking shock at the lengths that people will go to when money is no object! But I remained firmly in awe of Tiffany’s ability to pull of some of things she was asked to achieve.

I hope that a sequel is planned as I can’t wait to see what the A-lister parentals will come up with next! This is a 4-star read. Definitely worth reading, especially if you’re planning a grand entrance for your expected offspring!

Thank you to Compulsive Readers for inviting me on this blog tour (even though I admitted that when I first saw the title I thought it had something to do with triangular structures in Egypt!) Follow the blog tour to see what others are saying about The Mummy Concierge

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