BLOG TOUR + Review – Ladies Day by Sarah Barton

Ladies' Day - Sarah Barton - Book Cover (1)I adored this book! It has every element to keep you turning the pages in anticipating of what’s to come. Buy it and then clear your diary – you won’t want anything to interrupt your reading. In fact, it’s the perfect holiday read. My only complaint was that I finished it too quickly!

Thank you to Caroline Vincent (@CarolineBookBit) for inviting me to participate in this Blog Tour! I’m absolutely thrilled to be kicking it off today.

What’s it about?:

Working in a fading Manchester department store, four women form an unlikely bond while each hiding their dark secrets: abuse, an illicit affair, increasingly huge debts and an overwhelming desire to have a child at any cost. Will their secrets destroy them or and will they be willing to risk it all to find a solution, together?

My review:

Amanda, Marianne, Hayley and Jane work at Peltham’s Department Store. Not quite the grand and splendid store of yesteryear, but still trying to keep up with modern trends, it struggles on relentlessly.

This is not the most likely group to form bonds of friendship, and to start with, none exist or seem possible. Long term staff member Amanda has nothing but disdain for her flighty co-worker Marianne. Hayley has always felt invisible, and it seems she’s bound to stay that way, not even managing to secure a permanent position at the store after temping there for ages. And cool-as-a-cucumber Jane, on the management team and seemingly having nothing in common the floor-staff.

Slowly but surely though, as is the way when you’re working together on a daily basis, circumstances conspire to draw people together and you learn things about that you never imagined were lurking behind those facades that they display. Much like the beautiful facade of the store, each woman hides her own pain, her own secrets and her own demons.

Apart from the main protagonists here, there are also a wonderful cast of supporting characters, specifically Amanda’s mother (oh, my goodness, she’s a tonic!) and the wonderful, elderly Charlie who mans the staff entrance of Pelthams and who knows all the goings on in the store – looking after all those who need it.

Written in alternating chapters that tell the story of each character as it progresses, we watch as what were parallel lives slowly begin to intersect and form an unbreakable bond. This is an utterly engaging story of friendship and camaraderie, and of the enduring strength of women and the power of supporting each other. It’s also a reminder that what we see on the surface isn’t always the full story and that we should  never judge a situation when we don’t know all the facts – doing so can lead to disastrous results!

This is a fabulous 5-Star read and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something unputdownable!

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