BLOG TOUR REVIEW – New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett by Katy Lilley

Bryony BennettIt’s the first day on the Blog Tour for this fresh, quirky perfect holiday read, and also marks the fabulous Tracy Fenton’s debut as blog tour organiser for Manatee Books! They couldn’t have chosen a more able person for the job!

So, Bryony Bennett has been lucky enough to start a new life thanks to an unexpected inheritance. She thought it might be a few thousand pounds, to help pay those pesky bills , but it turned out to be a bit more than that, and so she’s packed up, lock stock, cats, dog and barrel, and moved to the picturesque Devon countryside! The irony of country living is that outsiders always yearn to live there, the youngsters who’ve grown up there can’t wait to leave, and their elders despise all the newcomers! So it’s not quite as warm and welcoming as Bryony might have hoped!

As a reader I found Bryony most refreshing – just being allowed a glimpse into her haphazard thoughts is enough to make your own problems seem a lot lighter (and I felt a lot less nuts, knowing that I’m probably not the only one who has full-on conversations with myself). I loved the way she immediately assigned everyone names depending on their behaviour. Don’t we all do that in some way or other? Only this time, we get to see what she calls them! And not everyone deserves a complimentary moniker! If only we were able to say what we really thought about people … to them … out loud!

Katy Lilley, bless you for springing happy-go-lucky gluten intolerant Bryony Bennett onto an unsuspecting village and all of its inhabitants! It’s made the lives of readers everywhere that much happier, and she truly is a breath of fresh air!

4 glittery, sunny stars for this one!

Follow along on the merry blog tour, until 16 July …


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  1. So cool to see my name (even though its spelt differently) on a book! Considering my name is generally rare, im shocked!


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