Book Review – Hey Ladies! By Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss

Hey LadiesI can’t recommend this book highly enough! If you’ve ever been part of a WhatsApp group (I.e. if you breathe!), email group, or anything similar with a group of friends, acquaintances or people who happen to just live in close proximity to you, then you’ll totally relate to this book!

Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss have perfectly captured the essence, innuendo, one-upmanship and subtlety that are the typical underlying ebb and flow of these types of interactions.

Written in the form of emails, whatsapp messages, both to the group and off the group, you will immediately identify the personality types in your own social groups … and you will laugh out loud at the many true to life occurrences here.

Admittedly it’s certainly not high-end literature – it doesn’t claim to be! It’s an exaggerated, satirical look at what technology has allowed many individuals to become; many of whom were already displaying various character traits, but who now, thanks to being able to hide behind their screens, have gone all out into the extreme realms of those personalities. Like it or not, this is the bare-faced truth, and those who’ve given the book a low rating and who’ve snubbed it, need to take a closer, more honest look at themselves and the circles they mix in.

People!! It’s ok to laugh at ourselves! In fact, it’s recommended!!

Buy it! Read it! Share it!

5 huge, glittery stars from me!! I absolutely adored it!!

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